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1911 Parts & Kits

If you want a firearm that doesn’t have a serial number or wait time on a background check then JSD Supply is the answer. Our inventory of 1911 80% lower pieces gives you everything needed to legally build a sidearm right in your garage. These parts are the ultimate DIY solution so you can create a custom pistol that looks, feels, and operates just like the genuine article.
Whether you need a couple of pieces or an entire kit for your project, you’ll find it with JSD Supply. Browse our diverse inventory of options to find the finishing pieces today.

  • 1911 Parts Kit

    1911 Parts Kit

    1911 Complete Parts Kit This 1911 complete parts kit Includes everything you need to finish your 1911 frame. These are billet steel parts made in the USA for a finished sidearm that will look, feel, and operate just like complete 1911 firearms from an...

    $750.00 $650.00
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  • 80 1911 Compatible Tactical Frame

    80 1911 Compatible Tactical Frame

    The semi-automatic is one of the most versatile pistol designs on the market which makes them a popular choice for today’s gun buyer. They are widely available, but building one makes them completely customizable to your needs. The 80 1911...

    $195.00 $165.00
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  • 80% 1911 Government Model

    80% 1911 Government Model

    80% 1911 Government Model Frame This 1911 frame is the foundation for a DIY build of a 1911 Government Model firearm. Order together with our complete 1911 Parts Kit and Phantom Jig for everything you need to finish these components into a functional...

    $195.00 $165.00
    Out of stock
  • Stealth Arms Phantom Jig

    Stealth Arms Phantom Jig

    Give your next firearm build a professional finish with JSD Supply. We have the parts and tools needed to construct rifles and handguns that look, feel, and operate like the genuine article right in your garage. With our help, you can be part of the DIY...

    $250.00 $225.00
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