DIY Gunsmithing and Firearm Projects | JSD Supply

There are many benefits to DIY gunsmithing projects. Being able to order and receive an 
80% lower receiver directly to your door with no paperwork or waiting period is very desirable to those concerned with privacy. The ability to customize every aspect of your firearm means you have intimate knowledge of your gun. And of course, […]

80 Percent Gun Kits for Sale: What to Look For | JSD Supply

Gun enthusiasts have known the value of building their firearms from scratch for years. Getting legal gun parts shipped to your door, without paperwork or waiting periods, is the only sensible choice for gun owners concerned with their privacy and the freedoms the constitution grants us.
The market is saturated with 80 percent gun kits for […]

Gun Kits: Common Terms and their Meanings | JSD Supply

Gun kits are an efficient, one-stop-shop way to build your do-it-yourself firearm from the comfort of your home, with no paperwork required.

If you’re new to the world of DIY gun construction, some of the types […]

DIY Your 80 Lower With These Finishes and Ideas | JSD Supply

There are many reasons why building your own gun is an ideal way to improve your firearm knowledge. Do-it-yourself guns are perfect if you have concerns about privacy, want to improve your understanding of your gun, or simply like working with your hands.

DIY-ing your own 80% lower receiver firearm is especially gratifying when you can […]

Homemade Rifles Are Great for Hunters | JSD Supply

No matter the type of game you target, hunting takes skill, precision, and the proper equipment. While you can purchase pre-made, complete rifles at your preferred sporting goods store, if you want true precision and power for a more effective hunt, a homemade rifle is the only way to go.
Homemade rifles are completely customizable. On […]