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80% AR 10

80% AR 10 Parts & Kits

JSD Supply has what you need to legally build a custom AR 10 right in your own garage. Our AR 10 80% lower parts and kits give you the essential pieces to assemble a firearm that is identical to models available from the manufacturers.

With our help you can build a gun that looks, feels, and operates like the genuine article without the serial number or government fees; making it the ultimate solution when privacy is a top concern.

  • 5D Tactical Ready Mill Tool Kit 5D Tactical Ready Mill Tool Kit

    5D Tactical Ready Mill Tool Kit

    Gun Receiver Mill Kit for DIY Firearm Builds Finish your next firearm using the gun receiver mill kit. Our tools and parts will help you construct the rifles and handguns that look, feel, and operate like any genuine product on the market. Our brands...

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  • 80% AR-10 Receiver - Anodize

    80% AR-10 Receiver - Anodize

    80% AR-10 Receiver Since it’s only 80% complete, this receiver can be shipped to your doorstep with no serial number, no paperwork, no background check. In the eyes of the ATF and lawmakers, it is not a gun. With some basic machining and drilling,...

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  • Binary AR Trigger

    Binary AR Trigger

    This is one of the fastest triggers on the market for AR-15s, AR10s, and AR-9s. A firearm fitted with this trigger will fire one round when the trigger is pulled and one round when the trigger is released. While still technically semi-automatic, this...

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  • Engraving Service

    Engraving Service

    JSD Supply can help you get a firearm that looks and feels exactly like those offered from leading manufacturers. Since 2013 our extensive inventory and useful services have assisted people complete their DIY handgun project. Engraving your piece is one...

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