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Gun enthusiasts have known the value of building their firearms from scratch for years. Getting legal gun parts shipped to your door, without paperwork or waiting periods, is the only sensible choice for gun owners concerned with their privacy and the freedoms the constitution grants us.

The market is saturated with 80 percent gun kits for sale, so how do you know what to look for? There are a few key elements to keep in mind when shopping for your next DIY gun kit.

Find a Reputable Company

This one should go without saying, but just in case, make sure the company selling your gun kit is legitimate. The last thing you need when trying to build your gun legally is to find out the company you used was not obeying the laws and regulations surrounding what’s included in their firearm kit sales.


In addition to being legitimate, ensure the company has integrity and passion for what they do. Do they have fast shipping and a solid return policy? Do they respond promptly to customer service requests? Does the content of their website sound authoritative and knowledgeable? If not, be careful about purchasing from them.


Equally important is making sure the company with 80 percent gun kits for sale is using quality materials. Look for billeted aluminum, reinforced polymer, and high-quality milling tools. Be wary of companies touting that their products are priced “cheaply,” as this probably means their materials are cheap too.

A Quality Company

JSD Supply was founded based on a love of guns and a hatred of paperwork. We’ve prided ourselves on high-quality products and services since 2013. We personally test each item we produce, and if you’re not satisfied, we’ll return or exchange your product. Learn more about us and why we’re the best in the business.

DIY Gun Kits

You found your company and they have 80 percent gun kits for sale. You’re halfway done. Now, what should be included in the kit itself?

That depends on the type of gun you want to build.


Man Holding Black Pistol

If you want to build a handgun, like a compatible 1911, or Sig, you’ll need a fair amount of parts, starting with the frame. Whether you want a Government frame, a Commander, an Officer, or a Tactical, choosing the right frame is essential for building out the rest of your gun.
For Glock compatible pistols, look for high-quality, reinforced polymer frames. This material is durable and ergonomically friendly, meaning your gun will last longer and be more comfortable in your hands when you shoot it. They are also known for their customizability.

Sigs are even easier; this brand is famous for their interchangeable parts. Look for a company with a wide variety of kits. And of course, the quality should stay the same — high.

Common Frame Types

(The Government, Commander, and Tactical are the only frames you can find in 80 percent gun kits for sale, as the Officer is not available.)

The Government frame is the original full-size profile with a five-inch barrel

The Commander is simply a more compact version of the government with a four and a quarter-inch barrel.

The Officer has a different frame entirely, with a smaller barrel and lighter weight, and carries one less round.

Once you’ve chosen your frame, the next thing to look for in your DIY gun kit is what parts and tools it includes. Ideally, you can find one that’s a complete kit for your 1911, your Glock, or your Sig, so you don’t have to put together bits and pieces with multiple orders, which can get expensive and potentially time-consuming to ship to you.

Look for a kit that couples the main parts of your gun, including:

  • barrel
  • slide
  • trigger
  • guide rod
  • firing pin

  • complete pin set
  • spring sets
  • grips
  • extractor
  • sights

Making sure the 80 percent gun kit for sale you’re looking at is as complete as possible will help you build your gun more quickly and efficiently.


A lot of the same principles covered in the handgun DIY gun kit section apply to rifles as well, though ARs have lower receivers as opposed to frames. To build your rifle at home, make sure you’re purchasing an 80% lower receiver. These lower receivers are not complete, meaning they’re not legally a firearm and so can be shipped directly to your door.

When looking at 80% lower receivers, again, look for quality material. For example, JSD Supply’s lower receivers for both our AR-10s and our AR-15s are made from the strongest, aircraft-grade 7075 billet aluminum. They’ve also been anodized with a hard coat to improve corrosion resistance and make the metal even stronger.

Once you’ve chosen your lower receiver, the next thing to look for in the 80 percent gun kit for sale is your tools. To assemble an AR, you need a jig, which is a piece of equipment that uses various plates to hold your lower receiver in place as you drill. You’ll also need a few specific drill bits, to make the precision holes that assembling your gun will require. Lastly, you may also need a drill press or handheld drill.

DIY Gun Kits at JSD Supply

At JSD, we’ve been the leading authority on do-it-yourself gun construction for years. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, the fast shipping that gets them to you, and the privacy we provide when you order from us.

If you want to build your own gun, we have a wide variety of 80 percent gun kits for sale to suit your needs. Be a part of the DIY weapon revolution, without the hassle of paperwork or waiting periods. Contact us and we can help you design your perfect firearm.