80 Percent Lower Receiver: How to Find One for Sale

You know the benefits of constructing a gun in the privacy of your own home, but where do you start? Purchasing an 80 percent lower receiver is a perfect way to get the foundation of your firearm while remaining able to customize it how you’d like.

Do Your Research

First and foremost, make sure they’re legal to purchase where you live. Laws change frequently, so make sure you know your state’s laws and if it’s legal for you to build your gun at home.

Once you ascertain that you’re following state and local laws, make sure the company is too. It’s called integrity, and it matters when purchasing an 80 percent lower receiver. Take the time to make sure you’re purchasing from a company that cares about its customers. They should provide a logical return policy and sound like they know what they’re talking about.

In addition to integrity, check the quality of the materials in the 80 lower receivers for sale on the company’s website. Are they made from reinforced polymer or billeted aluminum? Do the tools they sell match in terms of strength? Doing research early on will save you time and money later.

Look at What’s in the Kit and Match It to Your Needs

AR-10 80 percent lower receiver

Your 80 percent lower receiver needs will depend on the type of gun you want to build. ARs are designed to be modular and customizable, so the kit you need might not have as many parts. If you want to build a handgun, you’ll need more pieces to get started.

To put together a 1911, for example, you’ll probably wind up buying the receiver and parts separately. This is because 1911s have a more precise build using specific pieces to get the exact firearm you want. Look for compatible frames made from 7075 billet aluminum and kits that contain at least a dozen of the necessary parts, if not more.

With ARs, you have a little more flexibility. An 80 percent lower receiver for an AR-10, for example, should still be made from 7075 billet aluminum. However, because they’re so customizable, you can finish your build and add whatever other scopes, handguards, or stocks you choose with a simple mill kit.

80 Percent Lower Receivers for Sale

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