Best Hunting Rifle: Why You Should Build a First-Time Gun

Going hunting for the first time is a milestone experience for everyone. From start to finish, the process for preparing for a first hunt is exhilarating. Choosing your gear, figuring out what you want to hunt and where to hunt it, getting a license — it’s all very exciting.

Aside from having a license and following hunting laws, the most important part — especially for young hunters — is your rifle. A youth hunting rifle needs to feel like a young hunter’s extension of their body. Hunters need practice and experience to score a clean shot.

Here are the reasons why the best 
hunting rifle for first-timers is one you build yourself.

Unprecedented Knowledge of the Firearm

There’s just no better way to understand your gun than to build it yourself. Starting from the ground up gives you an intimate knowledge of every part and how they work together.

This knowledge means you’re not only completely familiar with the gun, but you know how to fix anything that can go wrong on your hunt. If something jams or breaks, you’re not staring at a store-bought rifle wondering what on earth just happened. You can reach into your bag and fix the part immediately, possibly saving your entire hunt.

Teaches Respect

young man outdoors holding shotgun

The best hunting rifle is one you respect. Make no mistake, you must respect your gun, and youths especially need to learn this lesson. Giving a youth a hunting rifle is a huge responsibility. If they’ve built it from the ground up, they’re more likely to appreciate it and take better care of it.

Treating a rifle carelessly is a fast track toward hunting accidents. Encourage respect for the gun by having your first-time hunter build it with their own hands.

Evolves with the Hunter

If you’re building an 
AR, this modular gun is versatile enough it will grow with the hunter. The best hunting rifle is one you can use for years to come, and ARs fit the bill.

With ARs, you can change out basically every part. So if you have a particularly young hunter that needs a lighter build, you can accommodate them. Then, as they age and gain strength, you can swap out whatever parts you’d like for a heavier gun with more precision.

Young hunters can also benefit from high-precision scopes as they get used to taking aim. Once they gain experience, you can swap these out for other models. There’s really no limit to the flexibility of 
ARs for hunting, so design a youth hunting rifle that they can still use and adapt as they get older.

Shop JSD Supply Rifle Parts

So, in the end, what’s the best hunting rifle? One you build yourself, and we can help. Shop our gun parts, kits, and accessories to craft a hunting weapon that will be your favorite rifle for years. Need help deciding? 
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