How and Why to Build Your Own Gun

How and Why to Build Your Own Gun | DIY Guns Explained

Firearms are an invaluable tool for personal protection. As the news continues to show us, there are a number of threats out there. But as more stories are reported about potential dangers the debate about ownership rights and restrictions also has increased. Because of these restrictions many people are looking for an alternative way to own a personal firearm.

The “build your own gun” approach to personal protection without the hassle has been growing in popularity. If you are new to firearms and want to skip the challenges of traditional gun buying methods, the do-it-yourself approach may be for you. Designing a piece in your garage can be a simple and satisfying process. Here are just a few reasons the DIY approach is becoming the go-to way to get a gun:

DIY Guns are Great for Privacy Concerns

Even though there isn’t a national registry of gun owners, background checks and serial numbers kept by firearm manufacturers means the federal government and law enforcement has a way to track gun purchases. That has made a lot of people uneasy, especially as gun rights have been a consistent topic of debate by lawmakers. Since these discussions have made privacy issues a major concern, homemade “ghost guns” have steadily increased in popularity.

People who build a DIY gun, such as the
PF940c Full Build Kit, can do so right in their garage and avoid much of the red tape you encounter when you buy from the manufacturer or a retailer. As long as the gun you are building is for personal use there is no federal restriction about registering your weapon. In most states you also don’t have to engrave the firearm with a serial number. This creates a firearm that is completely off the books that no one except for yourself has to know exists.

Laws about DIY Guns: Federal vs. State

There are a lot of steps involved when buying a weapon through traditional channels. As a result people new to building personal firearms may wonder
if it is legal to do so. The answer is absolutely. As long as you can otherwise legally buy a weapon you can build one too. Essential pieces needed to build your own gun like 80% lower receivers, grips, slides, and more are all considered to be raw materials by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms. Since these pieces don’t meet the definition of a firearm under the Gun Control Act of 1968, they are perfectly legal to own.

It’s important to note that while there aren’t any federal restrictions about building a firearm, individual states may have
separate laws in regards to components; lower receivers in particular. These restrictions can impact the type of guns you are able to build or different design elements. Knowing exactly what it takes to be 100% compliant is important before you start any DIY gun build.

How You Build Your Weapon

Part of why building a firearm at home is taking off is because of how relatively simple it is to accomplish. Many components like frames and receivers are available to buy online. You can also find full-build kit, such as the
PF940sc kit.

Once you have an
80% completed receiver sent to you finishing that item and turning it into a weapon that looks, feels, and operates like those from the manufacturer can be accomplished with just a few tools: a jig, manual drill press, and the appropriate drill bits. Completing the last 20% of a firearm to make it a functional firearm is also fairly straightforward, and can be done in just a couple of hours regardless of machinery experience. Tools can readily be found for sale online or from local suppliers too.

To finish building your own gun, you’ll typically need to machine the main fire control group pocket, hammer/trigger pin holes, trigger pass-through hole, and safety selector holes on your
lower receiver. Then with a frame kit, you can easily assemble the weapon for a completely legal firearm. Just make sure you do all the work on the firearm, as changes to laws prevent you from getting the help of a machinist to finish your weapon. Most pieces though come with detailed instructions, and there are numerous tutorial videos online to help with your build too.

Gain a Deeper Appreciation for Your Weapon

Being able to build your own gun allows you to do more than just have a firearm that is off the books. The DIY approach also allows you to fully understand and appreciate every component it takes to have a working weapon. That way you’ll not only learn how your handgun works, but have a better foundation when it comes to cleaning your weapon and preventing issues like jams from occurring.

When you build a firearm using
80% lower receivers, you also have to ability to design your own piece. There are a lot of customization options available for people who take a DIY approach to gun ownership that aren’t possible if you buy a stock firearm from the manufacturer. Logos, selector markings, and color variants – along with personalized serial numbers and engravings – all can be done to create a truly unique piece you will be proud to carry.

Function and Compatibility

DIY guns offer the same functionality as their counterparts straight from the manufacturer. Kits and parts are also compatible with manufacture-purchased weapons. The
PF940v2, for example, is compatible with the
Glock 17.

Design Your Custom Firearm Today

No matter what your firearm goals are, achieving them has never been easier. Building your own gun is a great way to get exactly what you need without the paper trail and privacy concerns present when you buy from the manufacturer or a reseller. Plus, you get the chance to custom design and build your firearm for a unique item specific for your needs.

JSD Supply has been helping people since 2013 embrace the do-it-yourself approach to owning a firearm. Browse our inventory today and reach out to our experts to learn how easy and satisfying a DIY gun build right in your own garage can be.