Making Your Voice Heard About The Ghost Gun Ban

The Department of Justice has proposed a rule that amounts to a ghost gun ban that would inhibit law-abiding citizens from pursuing the American tradition of making their own firearms at home. As technology and manufacturing processes have evolved, processes like 3D printed frames and 80% lower kits have become popular ways for second amendment enthusiasts to create firearms they can be proud of. This perfect blending of modern materials and self-sufficiency gives everyday people the ability to make a commercial-quality firearm that’s tailored to their needs in the comfort of their home, garage, or workshop. The right to use that ability is under fire. 

A Law Without Congress

Under our form of government, Congress makes the laws and it’s up to the executive branch, headed by the President of the United States, to enforce them. Shortly after taking office, President Biden issued an executive order directing the department of justice to propose a rule change that affects how laws are interpreted and enforced with the express intent to curtail American’s growing passion for making their own firearms legally, a process that doesn’t require the intrusive federal paperwork required for commercial gun sales.

On May 21, 2021, the new proposed rule was published by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), the organization within the justice department that established regulatory provisions related to firearms. Officially known as the Rule 2021R-05, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms, the rule seeks to change how gun parts are regulated, which gun parts should be regulated, and establish vague, overreaching language that allows wide enforcement discretion when determining whether or not a specific part or homemade firearm will be subject to this new rule.

Why This Ghost Gun Rule Is So Dangerous

A just law allows the citizens, businesses, and government entities it affects to operate with a reasonable amount of certainty. This helps the governed be productive and law-abiding while the regulatory authority has guidelines that allow for consistent implementation while avoiding oppression. Under the vague language of this rule, citizens can’t be sure whether the parts they have will be legal, when a firearm produced this way might require serialization in order to fully comply and the burden that might place on them, and whether or not they will even be able to legally obtain or fabricate replacement parts without running afoul of the law. Manufacturers and parts distributors could see large swathes of their stock transformed overnight into regulated goods that either cannot be sold or require a massive monetary investment to comply with new provisions.

Enforcement agencies, meanwhile, will operate under a situation where personal judgment of what constitutes a part or a firearm varies greatly from official to official, creating a system ripe for abuse and misfeasance. A part already deemed legal could be judged by another party as requiring serialization, rendering the entire firearm an illegal weapon, subjecting the private citizen who owes it to a lengthy and costly court case, just to prove they were within their rights.

Protect Your Rights

We believe in self-defense and so do you. Defending your rights starts with making your voice heard. Until August 19, 2021, the proposed rule is available for comment through the Federal Register. Go directly to the front page for comments on Rule 2021R-05, read the requirements, and make your case for the ATF to leave your rights as a law-abiding American citizen alone. 

There are a number of things that MUST be included with your comment, but most important is that it is unique. A distinctive comment is far more valuable than a canned response. You can, however, use this opener to get your comment started. Feel free to copy/paste this opener and be sure to add in a unique comment before or after:

I believe that ATF 2021R-05 (federal register number 2021-10058) will create an undue cost burden to the average American citizen and restrain the manufacturing of firearms both privately and commercially.  The rule change is not feasible nor is it practical.  I oppose ATF 2021R-05.

If you need a few ideas to get you started on your unique statement, here are a two examples:

1) I am an American citizen that has been creating firearms for my own use for X number of years. I feel this is a burden that will restrain me from exercising my constitutional rights and will not stop nor reduce crime in any way.

2) I have been a member of the firearms industry for X number of years.  This rule change will cripple my business with an undue burden of serializing each part that we manufacture or sell.

Please only use these as an idea to create your own personalized comment. Be aware that the ATF 2021R-05 needs to be included in your comment. Please also be sure to refrain from using  ANY profanity or language that is combative (i.e. I hate the ATF, F the ATF, etc.), as they will not count those comments.

 Share this blog with your friends, range buddies, and anyone who is a patriotic American. We need to get this stopped before it has a chance to become law.

After you’ve commented or if you’re coming to this blog after August 19th, find out who represents you in congress and contact them. Even after a proposed rule has been approved by the issuing agency, Congress has the power to review and reverse rules for a limited time. You can also find out how to contact your state legislators to ensure that they know where you stand on any attempts at the state level to curtail your gun rights. 

We’re With You

Whether you’re at the range, in the field, or on the internet standing up for your freedoms, JSD Supply is proud to be by your side. While we’re most known for offering the homemade gun parts, 80% lower kits, and tools you need to build your own firearm, every one of us is here because we believe in the second amendment and the strength it gives our country. Stand up and make your voice heard today.