New Products

Everyone is excited about new products, right?  That’s what keeps your collection growing and changing.  New products are what we work on the hardest.  We want to be able to offer every viable option we can in the firearms industry, in 80% form.  

We have brought the patent pending MUP-1 and Jig to market after almost 2 years of cutting through ATF red tape.  It’s a long process, but those are the rules and regulations we have before us.  

What’s Next?

We have submitted 3 new 80% pistols to the ATF in September of 2018.  The plan was to have at least 1 ready to announce at SHOT Show 2019.  That ended up not being the case.  The Government shutdown added another 6 weeks + to our evaluations.  We were in contact with the ATF Tech Branch again this week and are in the final stages of 2 of the 3 submissions. It is good that we are close to the finish line, but that doesn’t always mean they are approved (or denied).  We are looking forward to expanding the 80% world with new options.