PF940C Complete Kit-The Benefits of Glock-Compatible Kits

If you’re thinking of building a handgun from the security of your own home or garage, an ideal place to start is with a PF940C complete kit. The benefits of this reliable and accurate handgun stretch all the way back to its inception.

Glock handgun with a Glock emblem

About the Glock

The founder, Gaston Glock, began with experience in advanced synthetic polymers. In 1982, Glock assembled a team of experts, including everyone from civilian shooters to military professionals, to discuss the ideal characteristics of a pistol.

After designing the prototype within three months of assembling his team, the Glock handgun was adopted into service with the Austrian military and police. It outperformed eight different pistols from other manufacturers and was soon accepted into many other services.

This history paved the way for Glock to continue to produce quality firearms into the present.

The Benefits of a PF940C Complete Kit

hand holding black Glock gun

Glocks remain simple, durable, and efficient today. The benefit of purchasing a Glock-compatible kit is you get everything you need to legally build a custom handgun in the privacy of your own home.

Look for kits that contain a:

  • Complete slide
  • Polymer PF940C frame and jig
  • Barrel
  • Complete lower parts kit

Beyond this, you can choose kits that have multiple slide colors and other options that will customize your pistol. Or, if you prefer a rear serration complete slide, you can get that too.

Straightforward to Build

With just a few tools and a PF940C complete kit, you can have a fully functional firearm built at home. We won’t claim the process is simple, as each person’s abilities with drills and other tools will vary. However, most people shouldn’t have too much trouble assembling their custom handgun with their aftermarket parts.

It’s Just Plain Fun

We all know part of the reason to assemble a gun at home is it’s fun. You get to know the details of your firearm and how it functions, meaning you’re learning how best to shoot, clean, and maintain it. This also means you can potentially apply your knowledge to other guns you own if they need repairs. Once your firearm is complete, you can show it off to your buddies at the range, customization and all.

Buy from the Best

At JSD Supply, we personally test all of our PF940C complete kits — and the rest of our inventory — so you can be sure you’re getting quality parts that work. Whether you want to build a Glock from aftermarket parts or an AR from a lower receiver, trust JSD Supply to ship your gun kits and parts right to your door. Contact us with questions or to place your order today.