5D Tactical Jig Pro - Multi Platform Router Jig


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Having the right tools can make all the difference when you build a firearm. JSD Supply has all the parts and tools needed at the quality needed to create professional-grade rifles and handguns. We are the ultimate DIY supplier to help you assemble firearms that look, feel, and operate just like models you’d buy directly from the manufacturer.

One of the most useful tools you’ll find in our inventory is the 5D Tactical router jig. This router jig is the easiest completion jig on the market, and provides the reliable results you expect.

Features of this 5D Jig:

  • Completes any 80% AR-15, AR-10 (308), AR-9 (and other pistol caliber carbine variants) on the market
  • Uses patented technology to achieve CNC mill results
  • 1 hole drilling prior to milling
  • Integrated depth gauge

Quality Tools for Professional Results

You’ll have the personal protection you need without the hassle when you choose our router jigs. They can help you assemble a firearm without concerns about background checks government paperwork. By utilizing a jig to build your firearm, you can be assured your privacy is taken care of since your weapon won’t require a serial number.

Whether you’re attempting your first build or are an expert, you’ll get professional results with the 5D Tactical router jig. All you need is a router and drill press and to be ready.

The Best DIY Solution

JSD Supply is passionate about providing the best way to assemble firearms for personal use. Everything we sell is tested for quality. Backed by expert customer service and fast shipping, you’ll have a great experience whether you order a 5D Tactical jig, or any of the other parts you need.

Since 2013 we’ve helped people build firearms without the hassle. Order today and see why we are the definitive DIY handgun solution.

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