80 1911 Compatible Tactical Frame


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The semi-automatic is one of the most versatile pistol designs on the market which makes them a popular choice for today’s gun buyer. They are widely available, but building one makes them completely customizable to your needs. The 80 1911 compatible frame is 80% complete, enabling it to be shipped to your doorstep because it is not legally considered a gun. The frame is Series 70 compatible, billet aluminum, and has an accessory rail.

Included With the Frame

Series 70 Compatible – This frame works with the Series 70 updated design that replaced the traditional barrel bushing with a collet bushing, the defining characteristic of a Series 70. Series 70 1911’s do not have a firing pin block safety.

7075 T6 Billet Aluminum – The 80 1911 compatible frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum called 7075 aluminum. This aluminum-zinc alloy also includes small quantities of magnesium, copper, and chromium.

Accessory Rail Included – The straight mounting bracket is an integral rail designed to accept lights, lasers and other accessories and allows a sliding/variable-position attachment.

Finishing Your Pistol

In addition to purchasing the frame, you’ll need to complete the following operations to complete it:

  • Barrel seat a .08″ deep cut with an 18mm ball end mill or Phantom Jig
  • Cut the slide rails.
  • Drill the hammer pin hole.
  • Drill the sear pin hole.

Always follow the specific instructions included with your 80 1911 compatible frame.

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