80% AR 15 Jig


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80% AR 15 Jig Kit

This kit is used for finishing 80% AR-15 receivers into a state ready for use in a complete firearm. Use the drill bits, drill press jig, and steel top plates to accurately mill the fire control group and create a reliable weapon component. AR-15 rifles made in this way will look, feel, and function identically to those by reputable manufacturers.

This is an excellent process for customizing your firearm, learning how it works, and protecting your privacy in the process. Purchasing this AR-15 jig kit for personal use does not require a background check, and your finished rifle will not need serialization in most US States.

AR-15 Jig Kit Parts Included:

  • Drill Press Style Jig
  • Includes Drill Bits
  • Steel Top Plates

Regardless if you are new to home-built firearms or have a lot of experience, JSD Supply can help. We offer a great range of parts and tools to get the job done in a professional manner.

Our inventory features essential AR jigs and grips to even full kits; making us a one-stop place for your firearm building needs. Everything is fully tested to ensure quality and reliability.

Features of the AR 15 jig kit:

  • Drill press style jig
  • Includes Drill Bits
  • Steel Top Plates

Kits for a Smooth Build

Completing an 80% frame in your garage is straightforward with one of our AR 15 jig kits. These kits are designed to work along with a router and drill press to complete your build.

See for yourself why a DIY rifle is the best way to secure protection and privacy. By utilizing an AR 15 jig kit from JSD Supply you can construct a firearm without any background check or government paperwork.

Place your order today with JSD Supply.

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