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3-7-22 Update

We have been forced to create a new mold. It is being expedited. Once we have the new mold finalized we will update everyone to a fresh timeline.


Since 2013, JSD Supply has been the most trusted source for DIY firearm projects. We offer individual parts or complete kits, like the MUP 247 Sig P365 parts kit. This is the 80% Sig Sauer P365 Compatible fire control unit that you need to complete your gun in the privacy of your own home.

Included is:

  • MUP-247
    • 80% fire control unit
    • Compatible with Sig Sauer p365 parts

Thanks to the versatility of the Sig compatible parts, you can fully customize this gun to your specific needs. With just a few tools and clear instructions, designing and assembling your firearm is a straightforward process that teaches you about the function of your gun.

Private Firearm Projects

Creating your own MUP-247 with Sig P365 compatible parts is hassle free from government paperwork or waiting for a background check. A MUP-247 is the perfect way for firearm enthusiasts to ensure their privacy. In most states there’s no serialization required on personal-use guns, so your gun is your business.

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We have strict testing and requirements for the kits we offer, so you get quality Sig P365 parts that function seamlessly when created the right way. A DIY gun is satisfying to make and brings you a greater understanding of your firearm.

All our products, like the MUP 247, are guaranteed, and if they don’t work for you, we’ll replace or refund your order. Expect a firearm that will work well and remain reliable for years. Contact us today and we’ll ensure your parts are delivered quickly, privately, and hassle-free.



Please note, this is a pre release listing for the MUP-247.  It is expected to be ready Summer 2022. We will update here, our facebook page and our instagram page.  If you sign up for the email list above, you will receive the most up to date information when it is available. Please do your best to hold back your excitement!

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