Sig Sauer P320 Caliber X Change Kit - Tac Ops Carry




Modular P320 Sig Tacops Carry X Change Kit

This modular, striker-fired Sig compatible tacops carry features a carry frame ideal for home defense, concealed carry situations, and target practice. This P320 compatible modular allows you to select one of several centerfire calibers. Simply disassemble the pistol, then reassemble using components included in JSD’s X change kit. This Sig Sauer P320 Caliber X Change Kit is designed for a Tac Ops Carry and allows the user to switch centerfire to 9mm.

It features a stainless steel barrel/slide assembly and Night Sights, a carry size polymer grip module and a 21 round magazine. However, if you live in a magazine capacity restricted state, you must add a magazine limiter to your order. It is not compatible with manual safety models of the P320.


  • Brand: Sig Sauer
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Finish / Color: Black
  • Firearm Type: Pistol
  • Magazine Capacity: 21
  • Material: Steel, Polymer
  • Models Fit: P320

Favored For Accuracy, Shootability, and Suitability

  • Accuracy – The Sig compatible tacops carry is favored for its accuracy and will rival any custom handgun on the market. The tacops carry features an almost intuitive, smooth and consistent trigger pull, to help make any shooter more accurate when using quality ammo.
  • Shootability – This is the type of gun you can pick up and start shooting at any distance. It features one of the best handgun triggers available on the market with a grip that is guaranteed to fit your hand. The magazine release is reversible, for left or right-handed shooters, making it the ideal handgun for just about anyone. The size of the grip can even be customized.
  • Suitability – This pistol is extremely versatile with an interchangeable frame to suit your needs. It makes a phenomenal firearm for home defense and target practice. Even when subjected to extreme temperatures, sand storms, and water submersion, the Sig compatible tacops carry kit will continue to perform with stellar functionality.

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Magazine Limiter


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