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If you want a Sig Sauer handgun without the hassle of traditional dealers, JSD Supply can help. We offer compatible Sig P320 X Change Kits that give you a Sig Sauer style pistol without the registration, background check, or government fees. This kit allows for a custom built concealed carry firearm specifically for your personal protection. Because the P320 has a modular design, you can select any of several centerfire calibers for an unmatched level of customization.


Included in each Full Build kit is:

  • Complete Slide Assembly – Carry
  • Grip Module – Full Size
  • Magazine
  • 9mm

Options include all of the above plus the following:

  • Builders Kit – Includes all of the above plus Lower Parts Kit
  • Full Build Kit – Includes all of the above plus Lower Parts Kit and MUP-1 (no JIG)
  • Complete Build – Includes all of the above plus the JIG

The Perfect DIY Firearm Solution

Building a Sig Sauer compatible firearm in your garage is easy with one of our Sig P320 X Change Kits. By following straightforward instructions and utilizing basic tools – like a router jig and drill press – you can custom build your piece without the paperwork. Every item in these kits has been tested by our team to ensure quality so they are the perfect DIY solution regardless if you are an experienced builder or taking on your first project.

Handguns without the Hassle

JSD Supply has helped people build sidearms that look, feel, and operate like the genuine article since 2013. With our diverse inventory of parts and fast shipping options it has never been easier to legally put together your own firearm. Whether you need a complete P320 Caliber X Change Kit or something simpler, we are the ultimate DIY solution for creating a handgun without the hassle.

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MUP - 1

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