Sig Sauer P320 - Sub Compact



Sig Sauer P320 - Sub Compact




Compatible Sig P320 80% Kit

The modular Sig P320 kit allows you to select any of several centerfire calibers. Just assemble using the X-Change Kit’s barrel/slide assembly, grip module, and 12 round magazine. This kit is not compatible with models of the P320 that include a manual safety.

Complete your DIY build today to construct a handgun that functions, looks, and feels just like a prefab gun. We offer the best products and kits so that we can offer our customers a successful DIY build experience. This Sig compatible P320 80 lower kit makes it easy for you to put your own firearm together using the best parts available in the DIY gun world.


  • Sub Compact Slide – fully assembled
  • Grip Module
  • Magazine
  • 9mm

Options include all of the above plus the following:

  • Builders Kit – Includes all of the above plus Lower Parts Kit
  • Full Build Kit – Includes all of the above plus Lower Parts Kit and MUP-1 (no JIG)
  • Complete Build – Includes all of the above plus the JIG


Professional Quality

This Sig P320 kit includes every part you need to create your finished MUP-1 into a subcompact 9mm. Every one of our kits is made with the highest standards of quality. It includes all lower parts which are interchangeable with any of the other caliber exchange kits. Our professional-quality products combined with your firearm expertise and passion will help you build a fully functioning firearm that fits your specific needs.

Building your own gun is a great experience and something that many gun enthusiasts look forward to doing. The best part of your DIY build is that you can customize your gun to fit your needs with parts like P320 compatible 80 lower! Use your firearm experience along with the best products in the industry to get the gun you’ve always wanted. You can also enjoy a private shopping experience with no wait times and no paperwork. Get fast shipping on your Sig P320 kit today!


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