The Five Best Reasons to Get an 80 Percent Lower Receiver

What is an 80 percent lower receiver? It’s a kit to make a gun that still needs assembly and tooling to become a fully functional weapon. These kits are federally legal to purchase and put together, though a few states have specific laws regarding the purchase, assembly, sale, and ownership.

1) Privacy

Privacy is the number one reason people purchase 80 percent lower receiver kits. Because the kits are not functional weapons until further tooling, they do not have serial numbers, so they are not registered in any way. This means you don’t have to pass a background check to buy one. Unless you are not allowed to own a gun legally and your state restricts it, you can easily purchase a kit online and have it shipped straight to you. The government won’t know you have it and your privacy rights are safe.

2) Making Your Own Gun is a Fun Hobby

Assembling an 80 percent lower receiver kit can be a fun project if you enjoy making things as a hobby. You won’t need many 
specialty tools. These tools typically include:

  • Tabletop vise
  • Router and drill or drill press
  • Aluminum cutting fluid
  • Canned air and brush
  • Gloves
  • Eye and ear protection

A brown semi-auto pistol sitting on a table with bullets and magazines

3) Mechanics of a Gun

When you purchase a fully assembled gun, you learn nothing about the mechanics of how it actually works. You may learn how to use the safety, load a magazine, and engage a bullet, but the inside remains a mystery. However, when you purchase a 
Glock 80% compatible lower receiver, you receive the gun kit broken down into its respective parts with detailed instructions on how to assemble it and perform the final tooling that is needed. You’ll learn about the firing pin, the locking block, the trigger mechanism, the extractor, the recoil spring, and all the other little pieces that come together to make your weapon.

4) Knowledge for Repairs

Once you learn about how your 80 percent lower receiver kit fits together and successfully assemble your own gun, you’ll have a better idea about diagnosing any problems that occur from broken parts. You may even be able to fix the broken parts and apply this knowledge to similarly structured guns that you own.

5) Kits Can Be Customized

You can find kits that are like a blank canvas waiting for you to add cool 
aftermarket products and unique custom engravings. Perhaps instead of a serial number, you want to engrave a meaningful date, like a birthday or anniversary. It’s much easier to personalize a receiver than a fully assembled gun. Not to mention that state and federal laws can leave you with fewer options when customizing a registered weapon.

Before you decide to purchase a Glock 80% or other 80 percent lower receiver kit, be sure to check your state laws from a reliable source, such as the state’s website. Check out 
firearm projects from JSD Supply that will satisfy your hobbyist needs.