Using a Gun Receiver and Inserts to Customize Your Firearm

Building a firearm from scratch is a satisfying way to customize your gun. It familiarizes you with all aspects of the firearm, from the gun receiver to the inserts. It’s also the ideal way to own a gun with no background checks or paperwork.

At JSD Supply, we believe in your right to privacy and to own a quality firearm that functions like a manufactured one. Here’s our guide on using a receiver and inserts to customize your AR, Sig Sauer, or aftermarket Glock parts.


Getting an 80% lower receiver for your 
AR-10AR-15, or a Glock-compatible frame shipped to your door is an easy, discreet way to get started customizing your gun.

AR-10 80% lower receiver

AR lower gun receivers require some basic machining and drilling to put together in a relatively straightforward process. Personalize your gun with 
custom finishes or additions for a truly unique firearm.

Using a receiver, you can also customize your AR’s trigger. Switch out a match-grade precision trigger you’d use at the range with a heavier trigger more suitable for self-defense. Having two receivers means you don’t need to swap the triggers themselves.

Our Glock-compatible frames are made of a high-strength, nylon-based polymer. If you already own a Glock and want to customize it by stippling the frame, but you don’t want to void your warranty, use one of our aftermarket Glock parts. This gets you a stippled frame while keeping the original intact.


Differing from ARs and Glocks that have gun receivers, Sig Sauer utilizes an 
insert. This adds an impressive number of ways you can customize your firearm and other guns you own.

Sig Sauer compatible 80% insert

If you have a full-size gun with a 5-inch barrel and you want a smaller firearm, you can remove the insert from your 5-inch Sig and plug it into a gun with a 3-inch barrel. This cuts down on the number of firearms you have to purchase and allows for instant flexibility.

However You Customize, Trust JSD Supply

Whether you need a gun receiver for your AR, aftermarket Glock parts, or an insert for your Sig, trust JSD Supply. As the expert in the field of DIY gunsmithing with the most diverse product lineup, we have the knowledge necessary to help you build a gun that looks, functions, and feels like an original manufacturer purchase without the hassle of paperwork or background checks.

Founded in 2013, we’ve helped thousands of people build a functional firearm entirely on their own. 
Contact us today with questions, or place your order and take advantage of our fast, private shipping.