What Can’t You Do With Your Home Built Firearms

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One of the major selling points of a homebuilt firearm is the privacy it affords the person building it. With no background checks or paperwork, you can get an unfinished 
lower receiver sent directly to your door, and complete your gun at home.

However, there are essential 
laws, rules, and regulations you must be aware of when purchasing and constructing your DIY gun at home. It’s vital you understand what you can’t do with your firearm.

What You Can’t Do with Your Unfinished Lower Receiver

Break Laws

This one should go without saying: don’t break laws. Don’t purchase your DIY gun kit and then go out and rob a bank. The point of constructing a homebuilt firearm is to maintain your privacy and to use it in your own personal life.

You can 
go hunting, store it safely for home defense, dig into gunsmithing, practice your marksmanship. All these are perfectly acceptable and legal ways to use your homemade gun. Also, as we know, gun laws change all the time, so be sure to stay on top of the changes at all levels of government to help protect yourself from legal issues.

Sell It or Give it Away

If you purchase an 80% lower receiver for your own personal use, you’re likely in the clear. However, you can’t purchase the parts to make a homebuilt firearm with the intent to sell it when you’re done. According to the ATF, building a gun with the intent of selling it 
makes you a distributor, which requires an FFL.

The intent is key here. If you purchase your gun kit, construct your gun, use it personally for awhile, and then, depending on your state, decide you don’t like it and want to sell it or give it away, that’s okay. You just can’t DIY a gun expressly to sell it later.

Own It (in Some Cases)

There are a few reasons someone is legally forbidden from owning a gun, whether the firearm is homemade or store-bought. You can’t purchase an unfinished lower receiver, or any gun parts, if:

  • You’re a fugitive
  • You’ve been convicted of a felony
  • You use controlled substances unlawfully
  • You’ve received a dishonorable discharge
  • You’ve been convicted of a domestic violence crime
  • You’ve renounced your US citizenship

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These are general, nationwide categories to be aware of. However, again, be sure to check your local and state regulations to ensure there aren’t other categories you may fall into.

Stay Legal with Your Homemade Firearm

As long as you do the drilling and construction of your DIY gun yourself, and use it only in your personal life, you should be in the clear. However, stay on top of the laws and consult with experts like those at JSD Supply. 
Contact us so we can help you stay legal with your latest unfinished lower receiver project.