Why Homemade Gun Parts Kits Are Perfect During a Crisis

The world looks a little different these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all doom and gloom. While a huge portion of the population is under mandatory lockdowns and social distancing, these trying times prove the perfect environment for creating your own gun! Whether you want to build a gun for the DIY aspect, you want to make sure that your rights are protected, or you simply can’t get to a traditional gun shop because of business closures, you’ll find that gun parts kits are the perfect companion for staying at home!

Something to Do

You’re passionate about guns, you have the know-how, and you’ve been thinking about trying one of these gun parts kits for some time. Now is the perfect time to build a gun! With time off of work and life slowing down a bit, you may actually have some extra time to put into building your own gun. Since the kits can be somewhat time-consuming, social distancing and mandatory stay at home orders provide the perfect environment for building your gun!

Defending Your Loved Ones, Home, and Possessions

So you’ve been an avid defender of the Second Amendment and own a handgun, shotgun, or rifle for home defense purposes. That’s a good start, but if the government should decide the crisis calls for a change in the gun laws, you could be out of luck and out of a solid choice of weapon for home defense. When you purchase a registered gun with a serial number, the government knows how many guns you possess and exactly where to find you. There would be no contest if they decide to come knock on your door and cease your guns. When you purchase gun parts kits in most states, you won’t have to worry about an easily trackable serial number.

More Privacy With Gun Builds

80% lower receiver kits require additional tooling and assembly to produce a finished, fully functional gun that can fire bullets with deadly force and accuracy. These are legal under federal law, do not need to be registered, do not have a serial number, and you don’t need to pass a background check to purchase a kit. Very few states have their own laws about the purchase, possession, or assembly of the kits. The key takeaway here for a crisis is that the government does not have any record of people who purchase and build a gun from gun parts kits.

Plane flying in the sky trailing a “STAY AT HOME” banner in response to the coronavirus crisis

No Wait Time

When purchasing a fully assembled gun, your state will likely require that you pass a background check and even go through a wait period which can take several days or more. During a crisis, these primary steps to purchasing a weapon may change or even become suspended. Many times, the demand for weapons in a state of emergency skyrockets and supplies become low, making the prices for home defense weapons sharply rise. Additionally, during times when the government forces businesses to close, gun retailers usually fall in the “non-essential” category, meaning you won’t be able to purchase one at all.

There is no background check or wait period for purchasing gun parts kits. You can easily find kits online and have them shipped straight to your doorstep. Building a gun from gun parts kits is easier than it sounds. These kits require just a few shop tools and the included instructions to make a functional weapon.

Hunting When Food Supplies Are Short

Turning to hunting for sources of meat is an option for many, already on a tight budget, who can’t feed their families without breaking the bank. Even though the crisis may fall during a time when some types of game are out of season, many states have exceptions to this. For example, a proper hunting license in New York State allows for the hunting of red squirrels all year round, without bag limits. When prepared right, squirrel is a tasty meal option and usually in plentiful supply on hunting lands.

When push comes to shove, you’ll be relieved that you can build a gun from gun parts kits. It may mean the difference between life and death during a crisis to have a federally legal, functioning weapon that only you and your family can use for food, protection, and more. Before you decide to purchase gun parts kits online or at a gun show, be sure to check with your state’s laws from a reputable source, such as the state’s website. Shop JSD Supply for 80% firearms kits and project tools that will get you started on making your own homemade gun.