Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

"80% lower receiver" refers to a part of a gun that has not yet reached the stage of manufacture to be legally considered a firearm by the government. They're basically gun firing components that are 80% of the way there. This means they are not subject to the same gun control laws that a completed firearm would be.

The sale of 80% lower receivers does not require a background check, paperwork, a waiting period, or any government fees. If it's legal for you to own a gun, you can buy and finish an 80% lower receiver into a complete firearm for personal use. This entails drilling the firing mechanism and assembling the appropriate hardware.

There is no official name for 80% lower receivers as recognized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). They're also referred to as "80 lowers", "blank receivers", "unfinished receivers", “unfinished receivers” and other similar names.

A ghost gun is a firearm that has not been registered with a serial number. It often refers to 80% lower receivers after they have been finished into firearms by their private buyer.

What tools are needed to finish an 80% lower receiver into a firearm?

The tools you'll need depends on the type of firearm you're working on. These are the most common:

  • A router jig
  • A drill press or handheld drill
  • Drill bits of the appropriate size

Where can I learn how to finish my 80% lower receiver?

There are dozens of online resources that can help. The JSD Supply Youtube page is a good place to start.

Laws & Regulations

Are “unfinished receivers” illegal? 

Any unfinished receiver that has been clarified not to meet the definition of a firearm by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) is legal to buy at the Federal level.

Certain US States have imposed additional regulations, including mandatory serialization and registration of assault-style weapons. Always check and comply with local laws prior to purchase.

Are firearms made from 80% lower receivers traceable?

Unless a completed firearm is registered and engraved with serialization, it is not typically possible to determine its origin.

Be careful, as this can also work against you. There will not be a way to verify you as the owner if the weapon is lost or stolen. It is also possible that the weapon may be unjustly confiscated by police due to a lack of understanding of the law.

Do I need to register my lower receiver or finished gun with a serial number?

Serialization is not required in most US States, but it is recommended if you intend to travel with it. The States of California and New Jersey are known to be particularly tough on 80% lowers. Always identify and abide by State and local laws.

Is a Federal Firearms License (FFL) required to buy or sell 80% lower?

An FFL is only required for the transfer or sale of firearms in the United States. Because 80% lower receivers are not classified as firearms, they are not subject to this regulation.

Will I need a license or permit to carry my completed gun in my state?

Please see the NRA List of Gun Laws by State for detailed information on the laws where you live.

Purchase & Shipping

How will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped through USPS Priority Mail from our facility in Prospect, Pennsylvania. Shipping costs are typically $9 - $16.

We accept all major credit cards.

Is my purchase covered by warranty?

All products by JSD supply are guaranteed with a warranty against manufacturing defects. Contact us to have your product returned and replaced.

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