FosTech Echo Triggers

We’re proud to offer the FosTech Echo trigger system to AR-15 builders, owners, and Second Amendment enthusiasts. Designed to replace your existing trigger group, the Echo AR II, Echo Sport, and Echo AK dramatically increase your rate of fire legally. This ATF-approved design maintains your weapon’s semi-automatic action by firing a single round per trigger action but doubles the firing rate by shooting one round on trigger pull and another upon trigger release. Have more fun at the range with one of the most popular firearms in production. 

Quality Aftermarket Trigger System

The FosTech Echo trigger system isn’t a gimmick. It’s precision-engineered and manufactured for smooth, trouble-free operation with fully compatible weapons–whether you’re upgrading a commercially produced firearm or building your own from our selection of AR-15 parts and accessories. The Echo lets you come as close as possible to the full-auto or burst-fire mode used by service members to protect our freedom without the need for special permits, high NFA fees, or intrusive background checks. You’ll love the quality of this semi-automatic pull-release trigger system almost as much as you love the way rapid fire feels on the range.

Get More From Your Gun

We’re proud to support home gunsmiths with legal, quality firearms parts that help them build a better weapon they can be proud of. Making, fixing, and restoring the iconic AR-15 sporting rifle in your home workshop or garage is a uniquely American tradition vital to our Second Amendment rights. The FosTech Echo trigger group is one of the best–and most fun–on the market. Order your homemade and aftermarket firearms parts from JSD Supply today.