Swampfox Optics

Get the accuracy and speed you need for your custom weapon with a Swampfox red dot or prism sight. Designed with some of the most forward-thinking features in the industry, Swampfox Optics sets the bar when it comes to reliable, intuitive tactical sights. Named for Frances Marion, the famous militia leader during America’s fight for independence, Swampfox brings the traditional American ideals of self-reliance and self-defense to high-performance optics that perform well under pressure so you can make sure every shot counts. Make sure you’re ready for faster target acquisition at the range, on duty, or when defending your property and loved ones with quality sights brought to you by the leader in aftermarket gun parts and accessories.

A Legacy of Freedom and Independence

Swampfox red dot sights are trusted by competitive shooters, self-defense enthusiasts, or professionals in the line of duty. Built with industry-leading features and quality materials, Swampfox Optics builds the right sights for shooters who want an edge without breaking the bank. From Shake Awake technology that extends their already extended battery life to adjustable brightness levels, reticles, and mounting heights, there’s a Swampfox for your gun. Get faster target acquisition and tight groups from American-designed and made optics that are built for the right to keep and bear arms.

Performance Sights for Real-Life Tactical Situations

Better sights let you put rounds on target quicker, improving your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. We carry performance parts to customize your gun from some of the top names in firearms. Don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter to get the top deals delivered to your inbox. Order your Swampfox red dot sight from JSD Supply today.