Holosun Optics

Give your custom firearm performance optics that help you make the most of its precision components with a Holosun optics system. Whether you’re considering a Holosun red dot sight for fast, reliable target acquisition or one of their laser systems for pinpoint accuracy, we’ve got you covered with a wide selection for better performance at the range, on duty, or in a self-defense situation where every shot counts. Bear arms better with optics that hit the target for your shooting needs.

Innovative Shooting Optics

Holosun optics push the envelope when it comes to field-proven performance. Holosun red dot sight systems are trusted by hobbyists, hunters, and shooting professionals around the world. From extended battery life to multiple reticule systems and the implementation of solar technology in high-level firearms optics, they consistently over-deliver performance. We’re proud to offer our customers some of their top products to help them create the custom shooting experience they’ve been looking for. They’re engineered for reliable accuracy, built to stand up to field conditions, and designed for easy fitment on common handgun and rifle mounting platforms.

Engineered For Serious Shooting

When lives are on the line, you need gun parts and accessories you can count on. We’ve got them in stock, affordably priced, and ready to deliver. Watch our blog for the top customization tips, legal news, and the hottest deals. Order your Holosun optics from JSD Supply today.