5D Tactical Tools & Jigs

Whether you are new to building firearms or just getting started, it’s critical to have the right tools. JSD Supply is your ultimate DIY handgun supplier when it comes to tools, accessories, parts, and more needed to legally build a sidearm. With our help you’ll design and construct a piece that looks, feels, and operates just like the models available directly from the manufacturer.

Tools like the 5D Tactical router jig can give your firearm a professional finish without the hassle. We are passionate about providing the best handgun pieces and parts; which is why we test everything we sell.

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Building a Firearm made Simple

With a 5D Tactical router jig and other tools you’ll assemble a firearm quickly and confidently. We make building a weapon simple so you can get exactly what you need for personal protection without waiting on a background check or having to pay costly government fees. Best of all, when you put together your own weapon you don’t need a serial number – making it the ultimate solution to minimize privacy concerns.

Discover Our Approach Today

Rely on JSD Supply for everything from a simple mill tool to a full tool kit from 5D Tactical and other brand name manufacturers. We’ve helped a range of gun owners with their DIY projects since 2013 thanks to a diverse inventory and fast shipping. See why we are the definitive solution to getting a DIY firearm without the paperwork by placing an order today.