Tactical Optics

Improve your accuracy with tactical optics that help you find your sight picture and create tight groups. Firearm sights have come a long way from just modifying the iron sights or adding gun scopes. Some of the first firearms upgrades many gun owners choose, modern sights offer you faster acquisition, improved accuracy under adverse conditions, and flexible mounting that works with a variety of weapons straight from the box. Put more rounds on paper under the most extreme conditions with custom optics built to perform.

The Difference Is Clear

Tactical optics are meant to help you shoot better under stress when a situation arises that requires fast reaction times, movement while shooting, and a broader view of your surroundings than traditional scopes or notch-and-blade sights offer. Whether you’re out hunting, competing on the range, or defending your life, you need reliable optics that give you accuracy under pressure and repeated shots on target by making acquisition lightning fast. From electronic reflex sights to tactical gun scopes for long-range marksmanship, we have optics suitable for handguns, carbines, and rifles that you count on when every shot counts.

Performance Firearms Accessories

If you can’t aim, you can’t shoot well, and we believe every American should have access to the parts, accessories, and expert advice that helps them keep and bear arms better. Whether you’re a professional who relies on your weapon to serve and protect, a competitive shooter, or a Second Amendment hobbyist, we have you covered with affordable tactical optics that don’t compromise on performance or quality. Order your sights, scopes, and accessories from JSD Supply today.