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Apex Tactical

Customize your gun for a better shooting experience with an Apex Tactical trigger. Trigger upgrades are popular modifications that help gun owners get the response they want from their weapons. Even the top commercially produced firearms can benefit from a reduced trigger pull weight, smoother operation, or an eye-catching upgrade that helps your weapon stand out from the stock-firearm crowd. We’re proud to offer you the quality gun parts you need to build a better firearm for the range, competition, or to carry in the line of duty.

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Get Triggered

Apex Tactical Triggers are the trigger upgrade of choice for some of the top shooters in the country. Precision engineered for perfect fitment in some of the most popular firearms on the market, they give a crisp, clean breakover, reduced pull-weight, and sharp return, so you can put round after round on the paper with confidence. Anodized in a range of colors, they can also add personality to your weapon, breaking it out of the black-on-black-on-black box stock weapons try to put you in. When you need a performance trigger group that elevates your weapon’s look, you can’t go wrong with Apex.

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We’re proud to support the Second Amendment community with the gun parts they need to make, modify, or upgrade their firearms in the comfort of their own home workshop. Get professional-quality gun parts, the latest industry news, and the hottest deals that save you money. Order your Apex Tactical trigger from JSD Supply today.