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Customize your weapon with AR-10 parts that deliver outstanding performance at a price that leaves you more money for ammunition. A popular precursor to the AR-15, the AR-10 is a powerful and reliable semi-automatic firearm in its own right, capable of delivering round-after-round down range with both accuracy and stopping power. Whether you’re building out your home-defense weapon, getting ready for your next hunting trip, or customizing your gun for a better time at the range, we have the high-quality AR-10 accessories and components to help you keep and bear arms better.

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Quality Aftermarket AR-10 Gear

We carry the AR-10 parts you need to show your weapon some TLC. From new optics to custom trigger groups and precision barrels, we have the parts, combos, and accessories that help you build a better weapon. Each one is engineered to the original manufacturer’s exacting standards, made from quality materials, and priced to give you a great deal on the upgrades you need. Every American has the right to shoot better, and our AR-10 accessories give them affordable parts that they can count on because we never compromise on quality.

Get Ready To Shoot Better

From Second Amendment hobbyists who love shooting sports to professionals and homeowners that rely on their weapons to keep them safe, we’re proud to stand behind the freedoms we hold dear as Americans. Be sure to follow our blog for the latest in firearms news and subscribe to our mailing list to get the intel on specials that save you even more money. Order your custom AR-10 parts from JSD Supply today.