80% AR 10 Parts & Kits

JSD Supply has what you need to legally build a custom AR 10 right in your own garage. Our AR 10 80% lower parts and kits give you the essential pieces to assemble a firearm that is identical to models available from the manufacturers.

With our help you can build a gun that looks, feels, and operates like the genuine article without the serial number or government fees; making it the ultimate solution when privacy is a top concern.

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Reliable Pieces for Confident Builds

Our inventory includes great AR 10 jig options to easily build your own weapon for personal use with just a few basic tools. Thanks to our complete kits, you can have a fully functional firearm utilizing a router jig, drill press, and the appropriate bits. The jig allows for precision craftsmanship so you can create a reliable piece without the hassle in no time. Everything we sell is also fully tested, so you’ll always be confident in your purchase.

Firearms on Your Terms

The AR 10 jig is just one example of how JSD can help with your DIY firearm needs. We’ve provided 80% gun parts to enthusiasts since 2013 and are known for our passion and fast shipping methods. If you want a firearm without the hassles of buying from traditional suppliers, we are the answer.

Discover for yourself the JSD Supply approach so you can get a custom firearm on your terms. Get in touch with our team to learn more today.