Pull Release Triggers

Whether you’re building out your own firearm at home or upgrading a newly purchased weapon to have more fun at the range, pull release triggers are an easy modification that gives you more bang for your buck. Effectively doubling your rate of fire, these triggers offer a legal modification that gets you as close as possible to full-auto without the high cost of an NFA tag and transfer or the intrusive background checks that go with them. We’re proud to offer our customers some of the top-rated rapid-fire trigger upgrades at a price you’ll love.

A Legal Way To Have More Fun Shooting

Under federal law, a semi-automatic weapon can only fire one round per trigger action. Pull release triggers for your Glock-style pistol or AR-type firearm still fire one round per action, but the sear is designed to fire a single round on the pull of the trigger and on the release. That means two rounds every pull and reset instead of one while allowing you to maintain a stable firing platform for better accuracy. Our manufacturers are the innovators in specialty trigger groups, engineering legal trigger group upgrades that are easy modifications to make on your existing weapon or to build into a new firearm you’re producing in your garage or workshop.

Build A Gun That’s More Fun

We’re proud to support the Second Amendment community with firearms parts that help them customize a gun tailored to their range, self-defense, and sporting needs. Create a gun you’re proud to use. Order your pull release triggers from JSD Supply today.