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Since 2013, JSD Supply has been the go-to source for gunsmiths who want to build a firearm from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. We’re here to support and supply you through every gun project you tackle.

The best guns start with a quality receiver to house the essential fire control group. Whether you want to customize your AR or Sig Sauer, we have the receiver you need to start your next build.

Why Build Your Own Gun?

DIY gunsmithing is on the rise as more people realize the many benefits to building your own gun. Not only is it a fun hobby, but it also makes you intimately familiar with the operation, assembly, and cleaning of your firearm.

With the rifle receiver kits and handgun parts available from JSD Supply, you can build a gun that looks, feels, and functions like one directly from the manufacturer with more privacy and less paperwork.

Trust JSD Supply for Your Handgun Parts

Everything we make, we test ourselves so you’re guaranteed the highest quality we can offer. Whether you only need the finishing touches for your gun or are starting with a rifle receiver, JSD Supply has you covered.

Browse our inventory or contact us with your DIY gunsmithing questions today. We have all the parts and tools you need to handle your project from start to finish, plus the expertise to back it up.