1911 Parts & Kits

If you want a firearm that doesn’t have a serial number or wait time on a background check then JSD Supply is the answer. Our inventory of 1911 80% lower pieces gives you everything needed to legally build a sidearm right in your garage. These parts are the ultimate DIY solution so you can create a custom pistol that looks, feels, and operates just like the genuine article.
Whether you need a couple of pieces or an entire kit for your project, you’ll find it with JSD Supply. Browse our diverse inventory of options to find the finishing pieces today.

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Kits for Building a Complete Firearm

When you pick up one of our complete 1911 parts kits you can design a custom 1911 compatible firearm. These kits need only a few essential tools – a router jig, drill press, and drill bits – and you can put together a weapon for personal defense in no time. Kits come with basic instructions that not only allow you to build your 1911 firearm with ease, but learn about the function and assembly of your firearm too.

See Our Passion in Action

Since 2013 JSD Supply has provided the best pieces and accessories for DIY gun owners. Because we are passionate about providing the best piece without the process of traditional suppliers, we personally test everything to ensure quality. Whether you need a basic tool or a full 1911 parts kit, you can rely on us for every purchase.

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