CNC Machines

Get ready to take gun customization into the future with a CNC gun finishing machine. Computer numerical control (CNC) machines use programmed instructions to mill metal. While common in industrial settings, they’ve been out of the reach of private firearms manufacturers who want to enjoy the American tradition of making their own firearms for the range, self-defense, or sporting use. We’re proud to offer you the same modern production capability the commercial manufacturers enjoy, sized and priced for the everyday Second Amendment enthusiast.

Advanced CNC Machines

CNCs are how to complete your 80% lower automatically. Finishing machines are easy to use, even for new gunmakers, engineered for efficient performance, and built of materials that will last. Set up your precision machine, load the program from an evergoing list of weapons platform plans available online, put in your 80% lower receiver blank, and the machine goes to work for you. The finished receiver is ready for final assembly with high-quality internal parts and is as compatible with other firearms components and accessories as any commercially produced lower receiver. The only differences are the lack of a serial number, no need for intrusive government background checks, and you get the satisfaction of making your firearm on your own. Create the gun you’ve always wanted, tailored to your shooting needs.

Modern Production, Traditional Values

We make it easy to create better-than-commercial-quality guns in the comfort of your own home. From gun finishing machines to the quality gun parts you need to finish your lower or rebuild an existing firearm and the accessories that help you aim and shoot better, we’ve got your six with parts you can trust. Order your CNC machines from JSD Supply and get started on your next gun.