PR Triggers Performance Triggers

Have more fun at the range with a Glock-compatible pull-release trigger for your homemade Glock-style pistol. This legal aftermarket trigger assembly for your firearm increases your rate of fire while still complying with the ATF’s definition of semi-automatic fire by only firing one round for each action of the trigger. Firing a round on both the trigger pull and the trigger release, it’s the perfect way to add a little rock-n-roll to your range time.

Keeping Firearms Fun

We’ve all seen videos of the Glock G-18 in action, and a few of us have been lucky enough to see it in person. With the high price of NFA transfer fees or visiting a boutique gun rental range, however, most shooters will never get to experience the thrill of full-auto pistol fire themselves. PR Trigger’s affordable pull-release trigger group gets your Glock-compatible pistol as close to the experience as legally possible without the need for NFA paperwork or heavy modifications to your existing pistol. Developed with a binary action that uses two sears–one breaking over on pull and the other on release–to double your weapon’s firing rate. It replaces your existing trigger group while working with the remainder of your current upper and lower receiver for trouble-free operation round after round.

Build A Gun That Offers More Thrill

We’re proud to offer the top legal firearms upgrades and parts for homemade gun manufacturers, Second Amendment enthusiasts, and gun owners who want to rebuild a beloved weapon without breaking the bank. PR Triggers pull-release trigger system is an exciting way to give your Glock-type pistol more bang-bang for your buck. Order your rapid-fire trigger system from JSD Supply today.