Xtech Tactical

Get a higher capacity from your custom firearm magazines and improved control with XTECH Tactical. Designed to extend your stock magazines, so they hold more rounds and give you a longer grip to counteract barrel flip, turning your regular magazines into XTECH magazines is an easy customization to increase your weapon’s tactical capabilities. Whether you’re getting your gun ready for a competitive event, self-defense, or duty carry, tailoring to meet your shooting needs with quality parts from one of the leaders in gun customization will give you a better shooting experience.

More Rounds for More Firepower

XTECH Tactical engineers professional-grade conversion kits that let you add more rounds without compromising on reliable feed and smooth cycling. You already know that mag problems mean shooting problems, but XTECH magazines and kits use precision-engineered parts and springs that give you OEM factory performance without the expense of buying “name brand” high-cap mags. Choose the kit that fits your weapon and turn it into the gun you’ve always wanted.

The Shooting Accessories You Need

When you want to build a better weapon, we’ve got your six with performance parts and accessories from some of the biggest names in sport and tactical shooting. If you have any questions, reach out to us for more information, and don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter with the deals you need to save money while shooting better. Order your XTECH Tactical products from JSD Supply today.