Trijicon Sights

Just as with their legendary night sights, Trijicon reflex sights are well-engineered, effective, and provide fast, reliable aiming under dynamic and challenging field conditions. We’re proud to offer you the premium performance optics you need to take your Second Amendment lifestyle to the next level. Whether you’re looking for improved range accuracy, better tactical drill performance, or a quality sight for your favorite self-defense weapons, there’s an authentic Trijicon sight that’s ready for action. Build out your firearm to be the gun you need it to be with high-quality firearms parts and accessories.

A History of Recognized Excellence

Since 1981, Trijicon reflex sights, any-light sight upgrades, and performance optics have built a name for themselves in the shooting community. They’ve served with our troops on foreign soil, stood by first responders as they’ve served and protected, and helped countless private citizens defend themselves and their loved ones in the dark of night. To say the least, we’re proud to partner with Trijicon to bring our customers some of the most forward-thinking optics on the market. Each one is precision engineered, made from durable materials, and built to give you reliable performance when every shot counts.

Any-Light Optics That Work

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