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Lower Receiver Kits and Parts From Top Brands

JSD Supply has helped people with their DIY handgun builds since 2013. Our diverse inventory starts with reliable 80% lower receiver kits, but it also includes tools and accessories so you can conveniently get everything you need from a single retailer.

As a leading source of DIY options, we’re stocked with parts from top brands:

Why Build Your Own Firearm?
More and more gun owners are taking a” DIY approach to getting a firearm. With the tools and parts available from JSD Supply, building a personal sidearm in your garage has never been easier. Utilizing an 80% lower kit with a jig and a few other tools, you can custom-build a firearm that looks, feels, and operates just like the models available from leading manufacturers. It’s the ultimate way to get exactly what you want and learn about its assembly at the same time.

Complete Your DIY Project
Everything in our inventory is tested by our experts for the best quality available. Whether you need a few tools, assorted lower receiver parts, or a complete kit, you’ll find it with us.

Let us be your definitive source for lower receiver kits and more to complete your project. Browse our inventory to finish your build today.