80% AR Lower Parts and Kits

If you need help completing your AR-15 frame, turn to JSD Supply. Our inventory of AR-15 80 percent lower parts has everything you need to legally build a firearm right in your garage. We have options ranging from complete kits to needed tools and even engraving services so you can custom design the perfect rifle to fit your specific needs. With our 80% AR lower parts and kits, you can have a sidearm for personal use without the usual concerns regarding serial numbers, background checks, and government fees.

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Essential DIY Handgun Tools

An AR-15 jig from JSD Supply ensures precision craftsmanship when building your rifle. It guides your drill for straightforward milling. It’s an essential tool that allows you to finish your firearm without the need for other complicated guides and accessories. By utilizing this jig, you can create a gun that looks, feels, and operates like those available from the manufacturer without the hurdles of traditional dealers.

Covering All Your Firearm Project Needs

Whether you want to build an 80% AR lower firearm because of privacy concerns or you’re just interested in learning about the function and assembly of a rifle, JSD Supply has you covered. The AR-15 80 percent lower parts we offer are just one example of the great tools we have to help you with your DIY handgun needs. Explore all of the options in our diverse inventory and place your order today.