Sig Sauer Parts & Accessories

JSD Supply is here to help you create a custom Sig Sauer compatible firearm without the hassle. Thanks to our diverse inventory of lower 80 parts for Sig Sauer and other leading manufacturers, you can build and customize firearms that are identical to models offered by your favorite dealer.

We provide all the parts you need to build your own pistol without the serialization, background check, or government fees required whenever purchasing a completed weapon. Rely on us when you want a sidearm that looks, feels, and operates like the genuine article whenever privacy is a top concern.

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Easy & Straightforward Assembly

Thanks to our compatible Sig Sauer 80 build kits you can design a weapon for personal use utilizing only a few basic tools. Most of our parts can be turned into a fully functional firearm with just a jig, drill press, and the appropriately sized drill bits. Not only does buying our parts and accessories – which are fully tested by our team – allow you to own a handgun without the hassle, but our DIY approach gives you the chance to learn about the function and assembly of your weapon.

Firearm Ownership Minus the Hassle

Whether you need something as simple as a magazine or a full kit, JSD has you covered. We’ve provided Sig Sauer lower 80 compatible parts and other accessories since 2013. With fast shipping straight to your door and absolutely no paperwork, we are the answer when you need a legal firearm without the process of traditional suppliers.

Learn more about our DIY approach to handgun ownership and contact our team to find the parts you need today.