3D Printed Gun Frames & Accesories

A 3D printed gun frame can be the perfect way to enter the hobby of homemade guns while giving you a quality firearm you can be proud of on the range. Additive manufacturing, often referred to as 3D printing, lets you build a professional-looking frame at home, then finish it with your labor and the right 3D gun parts for a tailor-made shooting experience. As regulatory paperwork for the purchase of finished firearms continues to backlog, more and more firearms enthusiasts are choosing the legal at-home manufacture of firearms for personal use as a convenient way to add to their collection. We’re proud to offer the parts you need to turn your 3D printed gun frame into a functional firearm you can depend on.

Polymer Pistol Production

It’s hard to believe that polymer-frame pistols, which are now offered by most major pistol manufacturers, were once derided as “plastic” guns. By replacing steel and cast-metal parts in low-stress areas of the firearm, weight is reduced without impacting function or durability. The result is a firearm that was as dependable as steel-framed pistols, but more comfortable to carry for duty or personal protection. With the advent of at-home 3D printing, it was only a matter of time before the technology became another tool for second-amendment hobbyists to use in the production of their own personal firearms.

3D Printing Your Next Gun

It all starts with a 3D printed gun download that tells your machine how to build up the frame you’re creating. Using the appropriate polymer compounds, your printer creates the frame to exacting specifications. Once it’s done, you remove the selvage from your incomplete lower receiver. Now you’re free to begin installing your metal 3D printed gun parts into the frame and finishing the build on your homemade firearm.

Popular 3D Printed Gun Downloads

While many 3D printed guns and parts can be produced through additive manufacturing, there are a few firearms that have proven to be the most popular among homemade gun enthusiasts.

  • Glock 17 – The Glock 17 set the standard for polymer-framed pistols. Bursting onto the scene after winning lucrative government contracts in the early 80s, it has since gone on to become one of the most popular handguns of all time.
  • Glock 19 – Introduced not long after its G-17 counterpart, the Glock 19 is a scaled-down variation that offers a more compact profile for easier carry.
  • Glock 26 – Scaling down from the Glock 17 even further, the Glock 26 subcompact pistol is designed as a concealable self-defense weapon or backup duty gun.
  • FNS 40 – A striker-fired, polymer-frame pistol from Belgian manufacturer FNH, the FNS 40 may not have the same popularity as Glock firearms, but offers similar quality and usability.

Quality Parts For A Finished Build

We’re proud to offer the parts and parts combinations that help you finish your homemade firearms production quickly and efficiently. While a printed polymer gun frame is a great start, metal materials are needed to complete the weapon and give it the durability and performance to put round after round on target at the range. Our 3D printed gunparts packages contain the same quality parts used in commercially produced polymer frames and precision upgrade parts packages, so you know you’re getting the highest quality materials for your project. Get your parts from JSD Supply today.