Kearse Firearms 

Customizing your gun for better shooting performance takes quality parts and accessories, and we’re proud to offer Kearse Firearms pistol grip adapters. Your weapon’s grip is an important and often overlooked part of the firearm. As the primary point of contact with your body, it affects your control of the weapon, overall accuracy, and your comfort level as you put round-after-round down range. Grip adapters fine-tune this point of contact, offering you a more ergonomic experience or a better tactical configuration. The right Kearse adapter makes an immediate impact on your weapon’s performance. 

Get A Grip

Kearse Firearms specializes in adapters that are engineered to support some of the most popular weapons platforms in the industry. Their pistol grip adapters give you excellent compatibility, trouble-free fitment, and long service life. The right grip configuration can help you get better range scores, operate more confidently in self-defense situations, or make sure your favorite weapon is ready to make every shot count when it’s needed the most. Browse our complete line of Kearse products to find the perfect upgrades for your favorite guns.

Custom Firearm Performance

We’re proud to support Second Amendment enthusiasts, home gunsmiths, and first responders with custom gun parts and accessories that help them build better weapons for the trials they face. We’ve got you covered with quality parts, fair prices, and the hottest gun industry and legislative news you need to know. Order your Kearse Firearms adapters from JSD Supply today.