Ghost Gunner

If you make your own custom weapons at home with partially finished frames or 80% lower receivers, then a Ghost gunner CNC machine for gun manufacturing is a must-have. Designed by the firearms and freedom experts at Defense Distributed to support homemade gun makers who want to produce quality weapons in the comfort of their own homes, this powerful CNC platform helps you create commercial-quality weapons you can be proud of. Get the modern manufacturing technology you need to create a custom shooting experience for the range, competition, or self-defense today.

Automated Milling Platform

A CNC machine for gun manufacturing saves you time and offers you improved precision and consistency compared to manually drilling and milling your firearms parts. Ghost gunner supports the most popular CNC firearms files. Put your unfinished receiver in the machine, load your downloaded program files, and your CNC machine goes to work with the push of a button. The finished receiver is ready for parts installation and assembly without the need for serialization or background checks. Build the gun you’ve always wanted while keeping your privacy intact.

Custom Parts For Straight Shooters

Enjoy an American tradition of homemade gun manufacturing blended with the modern technology that produces some of the top weapons in the world. We’ve got your back with parts and tools you can trust, the most recent firearms news, and deals that save you ammo money. Get your CNC machine for gun manufacturing from JSD Supply today.