Stealth Arms Parts & Accessories

Create a custom gun and be part of a proud American tradition with a Stealth Arms 1911. Stealth Arms is known for its unfinished lowers that perfectly match the Government model sidearm that went on to be one of the most popular pistols amongst military units, law enforcement organizations, and private citizens for generations. We have the 1911 parts you need to complete a build or upgrade any 1911-compatible firearm. Build your own custom version of an iconic American handgun with quality parts you can count on.

Custom 1911 Pistols

Stealth Arms 1911 frames are popular because they let law-abiding Americans create a reliable 1911-style pistol without the background check or paperwork involved in a commercial gun sale. To finish building your weapon, however, you need quality parts that are built to the same high standards that made the 1911 such a popular sidearm for so long. We carry the custom 1911 parts you need to finish a firearm build, upgrade any 1911-compatible weapon, or restore a well-loved family heirloom to full functionality. Engineered for performance and built from high-quality materials, they’re just what you need to create a gun you can trust round after round.

Enjoy Your Freedoms

We’re proud to bring you the parts and accessories your need to get your Stealth Arms 1911 running rounds reliably. You can count on us to have your back with quality parts, great deals that save you money, and information on the latest legislative threats to your Second Amendment rights. Order your custom 1911 parts and accessories from JSD Supply today.