CZ Parts & Kits

You can build a custom firearm without the hassle of dealers, background checks, or government fees thanks to JSD Supply. We are a leading DIY solution to get a handgun for personal protection that doesn’t require a serial number. You can buy the parts you need and get them shipped to you fast with every order.

We offer a diverse inventory of CZ gun parts and options from other leading firearm manufacturers. With our pieces you can build a sidearm that looks, feels, and operates like the genuine article right in your garage by following straightforward directions with basic tools.

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Build Your Own Handgun Today

Our CZ 80 lower compatible parts gives you the essential components needed to legally build your own firearm. To complete your build all you need is a router jig, drill press or handheld drill, and the right sized bits. The JSD approach to gun ownership allows you to fully appreciate your sidearm by not only designing your own piece, but learning and understanding the function of the weapon too.

Firearm Solutions When Privacy is a Priority

JSD Supply is here to help you get a firearm for your protection whenever privacy is a top concern. All of our CZ 80 lower pieces and other items have been fully tested by our experts to ensure the best quality. With straightforward shipping right to your door and no paperwork to fill out, it’s easy to see why JSD has been a leading firearm solution since 2013. See our approach in action by placing an order today. Reach out to our team to answer your questions or get started.