SS80 Parts & Kits

Getting an SS80 handgun without the hassle is easy with JSD Supply. With our diverse inventory you’ll be able to construct your own piece with just a few tools. We are the ultimate DIY solution when you want to avoid the paperwork of traditional retailers to get your hands on an aftermarket handgun.

The Single Stack 80% frame is just one example of the great SS80 pieces that can help you assemble a handgun that looks, feels, and operates identically to those available from the manufacturer. With this frame and a few other pieces you’ll have a sleek looking pistol without a background check or serialization concerns.

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See the JSD Supply Difference

Whether you need a single piece to complete your custom build or a full kit, we have you covered. Our Single Stack 80% frames and other pieces are fully tested by our team of experts to ensure the best quality. Since 2013 we’ve been the go-to place for barrels, slides, engraving, and more. See that difference for yourself with your next purchase.

Get Your Gun without the Hassle

Pick up your SS80 – Single Stack 80% lower frame today to take the next step in gun ownership. The JSD Supply approach is designed to give you the best way to have a firearm when privacy is a major concern. If you need help finding the parts you need in our diverse inventory – or want to learn more about our approach – our team of experts can help with useful recommendations and advice.