• SS80

SS80 Parts & Accessories

Build your own Glock-type custom firearm with our SS80 parts and accessories. A popular single-stack Glock alternative, this pistol platform gives you a thin, discreet sidearm that’s perfect for everyday concealed carry or as a backup weapon in the line of duty. Don’t let its trimmed-down size fool you. These powerful pistols can deliver full-sized performance that you can rely on under stress–when every shot counts. Make sure you have the parts you need to finish or upgrade your pistol for a better shooting experience.

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A Pistol Built For Concealed Carry

The SS80 is a popular choice for gun owners who want a concealed carry pistol without the background checks and paperwork involved with a commercially-produced handgun. The single stack Glock-type design gives you a lower profile when worn under clothing and less weight for reduced carry fatigue. We offer the parts and accessories you need to complete and customize your frame or to upgrade an existing weapon that needs a little TLC. These parts are engineered to give you precise fitment, reliable operation, and the long service life you want in a sidearm.

Quality Parts For Better Shooting

We’ve always been passionate about the Second Amendment rights of our fellow Americans, which is why we’re proud to offer the quality parts they need to keep and bear arms better. Keep an eye out for the deals that save you more money on the parts you need and the knowledge you need to make sure your rights are being protected in Washington and beyond. Order your SS80 parts and accessories from JSD Supply today.