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Glock Compatible Parts & Kits

Need a new aftermarket Glock for personal use without the paperwork? JSD Supply can help. We offer a complete range of parts and kits so you can assemble a firearm that looks, feels, and operates identically to models purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Utilizing one of our Glock compatible 80% lower receivers and a few tools, you’ll be able to construct a sleek looking firearm without concerns about serialization, background check, or government fees. They are the ultimate answer when your privacy is a priority.

  • Polymer 80 PF9ss Polymer 80 PF9ss Left

    Polymer 80 PF9ss

    JSD Supply has been the go-to source for DIY Firearm builds since 2013.  We have all the parts to make your Polymer 80 Single Stack frame as reliable as a store bought model, including full kits.  None of our products require any paperwork...

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  • SS80 - Single Stack 80%

    SS80 - Single Stack 80%

    G43 SS80 Single Stack - Glock Compatible 80% Frame Kit This G43 SS80 compatible kit includes the parts and tools to complete an aftermarket Glock G43 with just a few tools by following basic instructions. You’ll have a sleek weapon that looks,...

    $149.99 $139.99
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  • SS80 Build Kit SS80 Build Kit

    SS80 Build Kit

    Building your own sidearm is simple with an SS80 build kit from JSD Supply. Build a fully functional firearm utilizing easy tools. This is the ultimate DIY solution when it comes to handgun ownership. The SS80 build kit includes: SS80 Frame and...

    $649.99 $449.99
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  • Stainless Steel Barrel That Fits G26

    Stainless Steel Barrel That Fits G26

    A 9 mm provides accurate targeting with minimum recoil and a fast rate of fire. It is an ideal backup for anyone who regularly open carries. Adding the G26 compatible barrel has the benefit of sharing some of the larger 9mm magazines between the three...

    $129.99 $99.99
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