Update on the 80% Receiver Rule Appeal

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the District Court’s ruling and remanded the ATF’s new 80% Receiver Rule back to the lower court for a ruling on its merits. This victory reaffirms your right to make your own legal guns at home. We’re proud to help lead the fight for your Second Amendment rights.

Understanding Firearm Trigger Types and Actions

Close up view showing a hand holding a pistol with a finger on the trigger

The right types of triggers on your custom weapons can give you more fun at the range while keeping your gun legal. Take a look at the most common trigger types and how new pull-release triggers are letting everyday gun owners rock-n-roll at the range without added paperwork and fees. Order your gun parts from JSD Supply today.

Red Dot vs Iron Sight for Pistols: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

A side by side comparison of an iron sight and a red dot sight mounted on a handgun

Learn how choosing red dot vs. iron sights can improve accuracy, speed up target acquisition, and help you shoot better. Modern precision optics are engineered and built for real-world conditions, making them a popular upgrade, but iron sights still have their place. Learn more from the custom gun pros at JSD Supply.

How to Improve Your Shooting Skills

Man at an indoor shooting range aiming his pistol at a target

Improving your shooting skills takes time and effort. From improving accuracy to upgrading your gun and finding safer ways to own, use, and carry your weapon, we’ve got the tips you need to work on your skill set. Order your custom gun parts and accessories from JSD Supply today.

Beginner’s Guide to Shooting Range Etiquette

Protective gear, ammunition, and a firearm sitting on a booth at an indoor shooting range

Shooting range etiquette makes range visits safer, allows for more effective practice, and makes it easier to enjoy your Second Amendment rights. Learn abut gun range safety, what to do to get ready for your first few visits, and how to get the most from your range experience. Order your aftermarket gun parts and accessories from JSD Supply.

Dry Fire Training Tips to Improve Shooting Accuracy

A shooter practicing his shooting stance during dry fire training

Dry fire training can help you work on your shooting mechanics to improve accuracy and safety. Learn some basic dry fire drills and brush up on your gun safety basics. Order your aftermarket gun parts and accessories from JSD Supply today.

Fundamentals of Marksmanship

View from behind a man firing a handgun at a shooting range

Learn about the fundamentals of marksmanship and get the most out of your homemade firearm. There are many intricacies in practicing marksmanship, and we’re here to cover the most important points to help you feel more confident out on the range. Read on to learn more.

AR-10 vs AR-15: What’s the Difference?

AR15 sitting on top of an American flag, three bullets sit next to the weapon

Read to learn about the history of AR weapons and how to customize your own weapon. Whether you need a long-range powerhouse like the AR-10 vs. the AR-15’s tactical flexibility or need a gun with lighter weight and less recoil, we have the AR accessories that help you build a gun that shoots better. Get your parts from JSD Supply today.