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Mark B. Verified Buyer
Lower parts kit

Best customer service around! I ordered online and received everything pictured within 3 days. Great company You will not be disappointed!

Bruce B. Verified Buyer
Sig P320 pistol lower parts

Great parts excellent fits no problems

Daniel Verified Buyer
Almost perfect

FCU once assembled fits fine in compact and full size frames but is incredibly right on the subcompact and requires read more...

Geski@Comcast.Net Verified Buyer
Lower parts kit

I need a 9mm slide lock whereas a .45 slide lock was included in the parts kit. I am happy with all of the other parts.

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What Can’t You Do With Your Home Built Firearms

Posted by Jordan Vinroe on Mar 13th 2020

One of the major selling points of a homebuilt firearm is the privacy it affords the person building it. With no background checks or paperwork, you can get an unfinished  lower receiver sent directly to your doo
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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Gunsmith Tool Kit

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Gunsmith Tool Kit

Posted by Jordan Vinroe on Mar 13th 2020

If you’re concerned about privacy, building your own firearm is a smart choice. When it’s just you and your garage, there’s no need for paperwork, waiting periods, or background checks. That’s where JSD Supply’s gunsmith t
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