Tritium Tall Sight Set for Glock Small Frame

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Tritium Tall Sight Set for Glock Small Frame Product Details

This sight set is the perfect compliment to your standard height pistol red dot, providing reliable backup irons without being too obtrusive to your optic window sight picture.  These are designed to fit “small frame” Glock compatible pistol slides, such as the G19/G17/G22/G23/G26/G27.

The front sight measures 0.305″ tall from slide surface and includes a tritium vial for night visibility, surrounded by a neon yellow ring.

The rear sight is 0.310″ tall, serrated black, and does NOT have any tritium or dots, so your eyes aren’t distracted on their way to your red dot reticle. It includes a set screw to assist in stabilization.

These heights provide what is most often referred to as a “lower 1/3 cowitness”. When the front post is aligned into the rear notch, they sit just inside the bottom of the window of standard RMR footprint pistol optics (pictured with the Gideon Alpha dot on our Revelation 19 slide above).


*Manufactured for us by Angry Bear Arms, with tritium vials installed by a licensed installer. The tritium installation facility is required to mark the front sight with their licensing information, as shown in product photos above.

If you need a red dot to complete your defensive or competition pistol setup, take a look at our great deals on Gideon, Holosun, and many more on our Optics Store.


The Glock name and associated model numbers are trademarks of Glock Ges.m.b.H.

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