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5 Things You Should Have in Your Gun Range Bag

When you’ve built out your custom firearm, your gun range bag has to be on point, with the equipment and firearms accessories you’re most likely to need. This includes shooting gear that can help you keep your gun running rounds efficiently, as well as general safety and utility equipment that’s just good to have on hand. So before you hit the range, grab your favorite bag, load up the equipment you have, and consider swinging by your local shooting supply, outdoor goods, or department store to round out your range kit.

What You Won’t Find On Our List

We’re going to assume you know to take your guns and ammo when you’re headed to the range. Yes, some shooters will throw a few extra pistols in their gun range bag to make them easier to carry, while others keep them separate in their own cases or bags. Whichever you choose, we trust you’ll make sure you have those two essential elements on hand. 

About That Bag…

When choosing a bag, remember to consider your range needs. There are plenty of options on the market to help you keep your gear mobile, organized, and protected. Your gun range bag should be durable, easy to clean, and keep your gear from being damaged in transit. It should have enough space for your shooting gear and firearms accessories, and a bit more for additional equipment needs that develop over time wouldn’t hurt. You do, however, want to avoid having a rolling suitcase of gun paraphernalia dragging around behind you every range trip unless you truly need that much gear.

Gun Range Bag Necessities You May Be Missing

Many of you will already have some of this equipment in your range bag. Remember that shooting, like any tactical or competitive discipline, is not a static activity. Needs change, skills evolve, and you learn along the way that you’re missing some things and carrying others that just weigh your gun range bag down. Don’t be afraid to add to or trim down your bag as necessary. There’s also nothing wrong with having a “light” bag for a quick trip to burn through a few boxes with your favorite gun and a “heavy” gun range bag that you tote along when working with multiple guns, honing a specific skill requiring extra gear, or when you know you’re going to be putting in some extra practice above and beyond what’s normal for you.

First Aid Kit

Contents of a first aid kit laid on a table

We’re not talking about a full trauma kit but rather a sensible first aid kit to handle the myriad of small to medium injuries that can occur on a gun range. It should include burn cream, tweezers for splinter removal, gauze, and an assortment of bandages. A few larger gauze pads can be handy, as well as an analgesic spray, hydrogen peroxide, and some antibiotic topical medication to keep small cuts and scrapes from getting infected. 

If you or a regular shooting buddy have any ongoing medical concerns, consider carrying a reasonable supply that’s kept sealed, protected, and unexpired to preserve its efficacy. This can include EpiPens for anaphylaxis, nitro tablets for those with heart conditions, and glucose for diabetic shooters.

Tools, Rests, Chronographs, and Scopes

Whether you’re sighting in your performance optics, swapping barrels, or checking the performance of your hand loads, you need the tools in your gun range bag to get the job done. A small toolkit featuring the screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, and punches most commonly used on shooting gear and firearm accessories should have a place in every range bag. A bench rest and chronograph can be handy for gathering data on your weapon and ammunition’s performance, and a spotting scope or field glasses can be invaluable when trying to find that elusive zero with a new optic.

Protective Gear

Protective eyewear and earmuffs sitting on a shooting range booth

We all know eye and ear protection are an important part of range safety. This usually includes safety glasses, a good brimmed hat, and either muff or plug-style ear PPE. Your gun range bag is a great place to keep them ready for your range trip so you don’t end up making the drive of shame back home. Many shooters also prefer gloves for practice drills, and a high-visibility vest can help prevent accidents at unmanned ranges. Whatever your normal protection kit is, don’t forget to bring spares. The last thing you want to do is be sidelined by an equipment failure, and you may also have the opportunity to save another more forgetful shooter from a wasted trip. 

Targets, Backers, Staplers, and Stickers

Even if your range fee includes a target, you may want to bring a few more along. On primitive ranges where the amenities begin and end with some 2X4 frames in front of a sand berm, backers and a stapler will be handy for posting your targets without having to borrow from another shooter. Stickers can also be handy in marking shot placement when sighting in your weapon and for getting more time from a single target.

Field Cleaning Kit 

Don’t discount the usefulness of your cleaning kit at the range. Propellant is incredibly corrosive, so a quick run of solvent and lubricant until you get home and can do a thorough cleaning can help protect your weapon. You also may find that too much lubricant was used during the last cleaning, necessitating a quick wipe down, or too little was used, requiring a reapplication. It’s also handy for clearing debris and grit safely, and your cleaning rod can come in handy in clearing a jammed casing or squib load that blocked your barrel.

Rapid Fire Recommendations

While those are the major components missing from too many shooters’ gun range bags, here are a few more ideas that focus on safety, forgotten shooting gear, and other items that can be good to keep on hand. 

  • Emergency contact info in case of injury or accident
  • A reasonable amount of cash should card machines be down
  • Magazines you’ve been meaning to break in or that have sat unused
  • Thumbsaver and speed loaders for more efficient time management
  • Paracord always seems to find a way to be useful
  • A spare flashlight can help you find your way or signal for help
  • A tactical knife is a versatile tool you should always have with you.

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